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happy valentine's day

to all you denizens of the finest intarweb communities i know....though i'm not around as much as i have been, i sure do keep you close to my heart.  hope your day is filled with love.


robson!!!!!!!!!  robson green is in the third series of being human!!!!!!!!!!!!  i'd completely forgotten!!!!!!!!!!!!  i'm so thrilled my hands are shaking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   whirl with me, interweb,  whirl!!!!!!!!!!!!
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and i really don't care who knows it!!!!!!  if there were a pacey/peter/duncan all the time channel i would be watching it and never changing the dial (see how that dates me? there are no dials anymore!)!!!!   i want him to be a humongous star so i can have more movies with him in them...that's the killer.  i love this guy's work and there's not enough of it to watch!  i want to see him try period costume drama (perukes and waistcoats galore!)! i want to see him in the future fighting aliens (guh sweaty in a ripped dirty t-shirt....!)! i want to see him in any capacity possible.  there's not nearly enough naked!joshua either.  perhaps someone could fix that for me as well?  but clothed or naked the man just does it for me.  sigh.

and so i leave you with a not-new piece but one that is too sweet to let go: 
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doctor who christmas carol

 just getting around to watching the latest doctor who special and had to post to share squee....i think smith's entrance into the piece is perhaps the tightest, sweetest writing and performance of his career thus far (give me a few minutes and a crayon!)....thoughts?  feelings?  body sensations?   i'm in giggling love!

oh and happy new year, my dears!
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greeks bearing gifts

so while i've been hibernating and finishing up the school year and etc etc, i've also developed an unhealthy adoration of the silly abc family show greek.  i watched the first 3 seasons in fairly quick succession and just this moment my heart is crumbling because casey and cappy are in myrtle beach spring break relationship hell.  and i love them!   and i want them to be awesome and ok!!  now i have to wait til the next season starts which better be sooner than i think, damn it!   and i'm wondering if there's any greek fic running around out there...i'd imagine there's a ton of slash (if there's a ton of anything at all to do with this little show) and i'd check it out for sure but i kinda want cappy casey fic.  any ideas?

i also just finished reading the girl with the dragon tattoo which was really great, and today i'm taking myself to the movies to see the first swedish version and i'm looking forward to that for sure!  as i was reading online more about the trilogy, i discovered what i found was a truly interesting fact: that the original title of the book is men who hate women.   i guess something so straight ahead wasn't going to market itself well in our market. 

i just got back from orcas where my brother and family are settled now in an incredible house on a wetland park nearly 5 acres big.  the house is 2 octagons linked by an enclosed breezeway and has tons of sky lights and windows and is really an amazing place.  i can't wait to get back there in a couple of weeks when i make my big roadtrip.  i'll be psyched to see more of orcas and get to know it just a bit better.  this week, as you can imagine, was taken up by moving and unpacking and enzo saying: aunt julia will you play with me?  i miss them already.

ok i'm off to the movies!  have a great day, y'all!

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solid state in the studio!

yes folks, yesterday we spent 10 hours  and got 13 songs in the can!   the vocals, the lead guitar, percussion, sax, flute, and keys remain to be recorded but the basics are there and it sounds FREAKING amazing!  i'm so psyched and happy and just pleased as punch.  as soon as it's done, i'll get some tracks up here for you to give a listen but suffice to say, i am THRILLED!!!!!!!!