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damn you, dick wolf!

 ok i know there is no el/liv in dick wolf's head.  i get that.  

but WTF??????  

i just finished watching s08e07 and just WTF, svupeeps?  

why does dani get smooches with elliot after a beer and 5 weeks of partnership when liv gets to sneak in and tell cragen she's still not ready to come back and sneak out after 7 fucking years????   why does she get to wake up in oregon saying elliot's name and then have no contact?  is this the most star-crossed lovering ever?  i mean was el in love with her before she left and then she falls in love with him after? so they'll never be in the same place emotionally at the same time? 

omg, they haven't even seen each other this season and i'm at ep08!  my first instinct after watching the 7th was to find fic because anything the fans do is going to be better than what's happening on this damn show!  even the pit, people, and you know that's saying something.  fuck.  

and what can i do?  this is the bad boyfriend of a show who shows up late to the dinner you prepared so carefully and then tells you he already ate at mcdonald's and falls asleep on the couch in front of the tv while you do the dishes.  you can't leave him but he's breaking your heart. 



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May. 3rd, 2009 01:31 pm (UTC)
Dude, I KNOW. I'm SO SORRY. If you fall in love with these two it's nearly impossible to NOT be just furious after season 8. If I could get people to watch this show and stop after season 7. Or to cut the Dani eps out and stop after 'Burning' or 'Florida', I so would.

And I'm also sorry, because Annihilation and Screwed? Are worse.

And most people either just give Wolf the finger and stalk away after this, or they find a way to make it work in their head and stick with it. And I totally cannot blame people for walking away from the abuse, you know?

I just... I have NO idea what they were thinking when they wrote all that? Just, WHAT?? It's like they had one path all planned out and then someone barged in and was like, 'We have your children in the basement tied to the wall. Change it OR ELSE!' So they did. And now they REALLY don't know what to do with El and Liv, so I just make the pretteh make sense in my head.
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