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thursday, i don't care about you

so a few days ago, i had one of those lj moments that nearly ended me.  and it's only because i'm a fragile little flower.   you know the drill, i wrote this pristine little post that had all these lovely bonmots and deep yet pithy analysis of  who the fuck knows now.   and then i tried to create a poll.  and lost the entry.    so i thought about recreating it.  and didn't have the energy or the inclincation, really.  and then every day that went by, all i could think of was that damn little post and how nearly perfect it had been and how it was gone and it was all lj's fault and so i didn't post again.   and the days slid by  and i even had thoughts of not ever posting again!  i know.  it must be the lack of nutrients or something. 

anyway here i am!  lj can't beat me!

so quoi de neuf? as they say in la belle france.

surreallis asked me for an analysis of philadelphia ep 16 in season 8 but my thoughts are now a bit blurry.  they weren't several days ago.  but here's some thinking:  first of all, yes great ep.  terrific benson moments with lots of emotion and a depth to her that's been missing for a while.  seemed like the last really compelling benson ep was the one with maria.  and of course the shipper in me is happy happy happy about elliot tailing her to her brother's (who btw is there any reason in god's green earth why they couldn't have found an actor who even vaguely resembled mariska?  it would have sold the whole thing just that much more) and rescuing her (several times) and standing up for her and creating that blue line with her in don's office.  very excellent, el! 

and then in this deeply unhappy voice, he tells her he's having drinks with kathy.  could he look less enthused or more unhappy?  and there's this little smile that crosses olivia's face in the background, like how great!  el's going back to his wife!  yippee!  i mean, seriously peeps, wtf?  how is that possible.  i get that post-ryan wasshisname, he's feeling all fragile ( i really get that because look at how i reacted to losing my damn post) but couldn't he have turned to olivia instead of soccermom?  "family is everything"  he tells her in the car with the little neck squeeze!!!!!  i mean when does el ever just touch liv to comfort her or be kind or show any human emotion at all!!! and then just happens to mention that he's moving back in the hospital while they're undercover?  wtf.   i guess i just don't understand how they could spend 8 years setting up all this shit--the last 2 in particular--and then just slap it down.  bad thinking, i'm thinking!   and then the shipper in me is crushed crushed because now we have to deal with el's move home and how that's going to affect him, and i know the baby is coming too.  fuck. 

but otherwise it's a great ep with good movement and great angsty stuff--i love the interviews throughout.  it's nice when a very formulaic show breaks it's mold a bit and gets frisky.  also i liked having hendrix back as the shrink.  which i totally missed through the whole thing so there really was a nice reveal for me at the end.  i love mary stuart masterson.  oh remember some kind of wonderful?  the best best friend kink movie of all time, i think.  anyway i really loved watching them struggle with how to express their feelings about each other.  and i loved olivia fucking it up in the park and el being angry with her.  it seemed like it was the first time in a while they'd connected over anything at all!  

now i might have to watch it again and add more stuff but that's what's on my mind about it this morning. 

so in other svu news, i totally printed out a 500 page novel this morning at work and nearly got caught by one of my colleagues.  very nerve-wracking.  that'll teach me, i suppose!  he was all, so are you doing the printfest this morning?  and yes i said.  and then he got all curious.  so i LIED!!!  ick.  told him it was for a student!  and then he got even more interested--damn teachers getting all interested in student needs!  and when i got back to my office, i was all shaky with adrenaline.  cause people i was printing out a 500 page fanfic with porn in it.  oh christ. 

um here's what i'm psyched for this week: bones finale, more southland (oh yes if you're not watching this, you're seriously wasting your time, it is just brilliant), catching up on 30 rock, going to see wolverine (alan jackman and tim riggins!), reading all 500 pages of illegally obtained fanfic, talking withtrillingstar about life, the universe, and chris meloni (who is a demi-god).

how are you guys??????
tell me good stuff!

Poll #1399866 tell julia what to watch!

should i invest time and energy in:

the oc
dawson's creek
the sopranos last couple of seasons
something else from too long ago to remember
something more recent i clearly was not savvy enough to watch when it aired
eta: as you can see, apparently lj had the fucking good sense to save the fucking poll that fucking lost my last entry.  fuck.   yeah feel free........


May. 14th, 2009 08:23 pm (UTC)
I haven't watched any of those things, except The Sopranos, so I just voted for that. I know. People are horrified that I've never seen Buffy either.

I am also interested in what you printed out. Heh.
May. 14th, 2009 10:03 pm (UTC)
i'm gonna cut n paste for you "oh christ it was/is this e/o fic called, wait for it, purest of pain. i know what a horrible title, huh? but it's all right. way au--liv disappears and comes back 4 years later with triplets (i know i know) who are elliot's. long story. clearly since the damn thing is 500+ pages!"

it's no berceuse--which did you see that she updated? i was pretty damn psyched! i think i have to hold off and read it all in a few months when she might have it done since i can't really stand to read one chapter per month.

jenn, you gotta get some buffy time! it's worth it i promise. it was my first big foray into fandom (first was witchblade) and honestly, with no hyperbole, it changed my life.

and what you got to say to me re: philadelphia? do you have a post about it? cause i'd love to read it if you do......

May. 14th, 2009 10:35 pm (UTC)
Oh my... TRIPLETS?? You're a glutton for punishment, aren't you? :p

I did do a Philadelphia post. It's right here.

I agree with you. I loved Philadelphia, and it was just... it was sort of heaven for me, because I'm so enamored of that 'co-dependent cops' and 'we're too close for partners' thing. On the other hand, they followed it up in the next episode by having Elliot tell Liv he's moving back in with Kathy. It made NO SENSE. It's just... to this day I do not get what the hell happened. I have never seen a show that did a complete 180 like that, and basically within a few eps and with NO REASON GIVEN. It was just... UST one day and then it was bleeped out of existence the next. And then they seemed confused as to why the fans were confused. I hate them.

If I could end the series after Florida and white out all the marriage stuff in season 8, I would totally do it.
May. 14th, 2009 10:37 pm (UTC)
ALSO. You could invest time and energy in LOCI.

Just saying... :P
May. 15th, 2009 02:46 am (UTC)
*facepalms* you know i will.........
May. 15th, 2009 04:29 am (UTC)


And, LOL at your so-AU-it's-out-of-orbit SVU story. HEE.


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