la_tante (la_tante) wrote,

olivia's hair continuity

so i'm in season 9. i know, you should all bow down to me at my tenaciousness (or insanity) at sticking with this show, right? however, in the episode that aired third, liv's hair is shoulder-length after 2 eps of hair that looked like she stole it from pink. tell me how they can do that? i'm tempted to peek at the next eps to see if it grows magically or gets cut again. and the same thing happened in season 8, but i just figured it had to do with her having filmed something earlier that they needed to use because of her pregnancy. what's the excuse here, i'm wondering?

let me direct you to exhibit a:


and now if the jury would examine exhibit b:

olivia.....+ stabler (cause who doesn't want to see a little meloni?)

thank you for your time. i hope you will find them just as guilty as they are!
Tags: svu
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