la_tante (la_tante) wrote,

pimpin' the peeps

hooooo boy.  you guys wanna read something sizzling hot?  like so hot your eyes might water?  yeah i thought so.  then hie yerselves over chez trillingstar  and read her brand spankin' (yes, sweetie, i did.  i did say that) new beecher/keller fic!!!!!!  prepare yerselves though.  you might not be able to sit down for a week.   it's not big bang yet, but i like the chance to use my pimping icon......hey!!  maybe someone ought to make me a special one just for me.  lalalalalalala.  just sayin'.......

exclamation points brought to you by the letters cee and em.  you know it, bb!!!!!!
Tags: fic pimp
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