la_tante (la_tante) wrote,

er. what was i saying again?

back from orange county where the traffic was light and the bar mitzvah festivities were over the top.  if any of you have ever been to a socal bar mitzvah, you'll know of what i speak.  it's more like a wedding than not, with a theme (jordan's was golf), chocolate-covered strawberries, an ice cream bar, and a dancing conga line of waiters with flourescent gloves bringing out the silver-domed platters of chicken nuggets for the teens to the dulcet strains of "hot hot hot" and an mc who made us all do the macarena.  i shit you not.   it was nuts but great fun and i'm so glad i went.   i am, however, exhausted.  and this week is crazy busy. 

i found out today that my next year's placement will be at the middle school teaching language arts.  8th grade.  it's like all my worst nightmares coming true.  i hate 8th graders.  hate 'em.  and i haven't really been in the classroom for 2 years.  so woe is me.  and i better fucking get another job because that might actually kill me.  please everyone.  cross your fingers for me.  i need out!!!!

in fannish news, i've seen star trek twice and want to see it again.  is that so wrong?  i loved it.  jj abrams, you're my hero.  also i love all the fannish goofiness around zq and cp (see ontd_startrek for the squee) and the new upsurge in fic is delightful.

also season 10 of svu is killing me.  it's so shippy, it's insane.  am i wrong?  i mean wildlife?  does it change over the next few eps?  i'm only in ep 14. 

i still haven't seen lost's finale but that doesn't seem to matter.  i was pleased with bones mostly cause it was fun and fantastical though there really wasn't much movement.  30 rock kicked some serious ass because it does.  milton green milton green milton green......and cyndi lauper!!!  i'm very sad that life and sarah connor chronicles (srsly wtf fox) are cancelled.  that second one seems like a good shot in the foot since the movie just came out to re-boot the franchise--why wouldn't people want to watch the show?  i'm happy for chuck as well.  but the middleman is still leaving a sore spot in my heart.   dollhouse being picked up is good--it makes me feel better about the world when a joss show can get a little play. 

that's where i am.  where are you, my peeps?

also need to give a shout out of love to sinkwriter  just because!!!!!

happy tuesday, y'all.
Tags: fandom, life (the real one)
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