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monday monday

this saturday i went out!  i so rarely do, so this was a good thing.   and here's my brain: standing in the doug fir listening to some really good music, i'm behind two young men.  one is dark, swarthy almost with spiky hair and horn-rimmed glasses, tall and thin.  the other is blond, ball-capped, muscular and a bit shorter.  and i think to myself, self i think, those two men, if i squint, could be chris pine and zachary quinto.  they could.  they could be standing right in front of me here in portland oregon.  listening to music and about to leave and go to the ace hotel (where they're sure to be staying) and make out.   that's where my brain is.  thank you, internet.  thank you so much for making my brain a seething cesspool of porn and rpf and fic and popculture.   sigh.  

how are you guys?

ps the really good music was hey marseilles, a group from seattle who have a kind of decemberists vibe with 8 musicians on stage including a violin and a cellist.  and cotton jones, a 5 piece who have a real sweet late '60s r&b vibe, kinda roy orbison meets wilco.  the co-singer reminded me a bit of zooey deschanel.  what a great evening of music.  loved it!!
Tags: life (the real one), music
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