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good morning campers!

which for me is a silly subject line as i actually hated camp as a child.  (but i still love my sg1!)

ok.  i haven't been very here for the last couple of days because, yes, like you're surprised, i've been mainlining house.  fuck.  hugh laurie is rocking my world in a way that only a very few special people can.  i can count them on one hand: christopher meloni.  robson green. harrison ford (with a caveat--he was my first true love in the 8th grade.  i couldn't resist indiana jones' charm or swagger).  and now hugh laurie.  these are the men who make me sweat and think dirty thoughts. yes, there are plenty of others who i love and enjoy but only these few could make me leave my happy home and try to destroy theirs!   

and here's how all this is healthy and super-cool: yesterday afternoon, i had band practice and the whole time i was thinking about house/laurie and meloni/stabler and it infused my singing and was so energetic and simply hot.  my guys told me i was on fire and that was why.  all that svu and house angst that's building up like lactic acid in my system just gushed out in my singing.  it was awesome.  and i mean that sincerely.  what a way to channel energy!  

and thanks tosurreallis  for pointing me to fic.  she is my dealer par excellence.  it's deeply appreciated and so fun (in that "i think i might blow my brains out from the ansgt" sort of way)!

also today is the last day that i will ever have to teach french at centennial learning center.  ever.  in my life.  and though i am still deeply saddened and distraught over losing the rest of my job, this is the cerulean blue lining in my grey sky.  i never have to teach french here again. knowing that is a freedom i cannot express in words.  

my week's schedule is thus: today and tomorrow, sort of normal or as normal as my job ever is.  though tonight (7 pm) is graduation and that makes for a very long day.  we're required to show up for it.  so i will....and then wednesday and thursday, i get to pack up 7 years of teaching. and then friday we have a half day (boss cooks us breakfast and then we all weep over each other about how great we are--i'll get a journal 'cause that's what my boss always gives departing staff).  and then i'm done with clc.  most likely forever.  and there's that tinge of bright blue again.....this place has been a roller coaster for me for so long.  i think it's good that i'm being forced off the ride because i don't know that i could have ever done it on my own, and it's probably a far, far healthier thing to be gone than to stay.   and on to the next dysfunctional school!  yay.  teaching.  hear my withering scorn and sarcasm.    

*shakes off the stupid cynic blahs*

so summer is almost here!  just this week to get through and then i'm off for nearly 3 glorious months.  i've never had a real full summer vacation before--my whole teaching career has been at a school that has a year-round schedule.   my other blue sky moment in all this: i get a long summer break!  so i'm leaving for france the 24 of july---hear that chinesebakery ?  i'm coming!!  i hope we'll be able to connect while i'm in france.  i'll be in paris several times over my nearly month-long stay but i'll be based in lille where my friend lynn is living with her new husband.  oh thank goodness for college friends!  

i guess i haven't updated in a bit because i have so much to say!  lucky peeps!  aren't i gracious to use the ole cut tag?  

happiest of mondays, peeps!  i loves ya!


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Jun. 8th, 2009 06:19 pm (UTC)
There's so much in this post I have no idea how to react. I'm all, yay for House, boo for House, yay for your job, boo for your job, yay for France, boo for going away for a month, yay for singing, boo... well, there isn't anything to boo there actually. :)

Jun. 8th, 2009 06:35 pm (UTC)
lol! i know it's the random post is random from chez la tante.

must be how my brain dump goes when i've only slept a little. last night, after practice, i was doing some jewelry repair work and watching house and then i was too awake to sleep so i was up til around 2:30. watching house. sigh.

i love your icon, btw. i think i have to go steal some from you and trillingstar. i'm tired of not having any fandom related icons to use.
Jun. 15th, 2009 01:00 pm (UTC)
That's a pity about your job, but props to you for being able to spot some kind of silver lining in it. Have a great time in France, it'll probably be a well-deserved break for you (:

Jun. 18th, 2009 07:18 am (UTC)
aw i totally am late getting back to you but thanks for all your nice words. i really appreciate them!
Jun. 18th, 2009 09:03 am (UTC)
Aw, no worries! I'm totally behind on lj-comment replies too, that reminds me :/

Hope it all works out for the best! It's taking me ages to find even an entry-level/temp summer job so I figure proper grown-up jobs must be even harder to come by, yikes.
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