la_tante (la_tante) wrote,

we are living in a material world....

and i am a material girl.

witness: ordered from a grand collection of lovelies
The Graveyard Book--gaiman
The Composer Is Dead + cd--snickett
As Good As It Gets 
Blast From the Past  
Dirty Rotten Scoundrels   
The Wedding Singer 

these movies are like comfort food for me.  i used to have them on vhs but got rid of them when i went digital.  so i've been plotting recouping those losses.  

plus House seasons 1 through 4 are on their way eventually though not soon enough for me.  and i pre-ordered wire in the blood series 6.  house and tony hill.  i couldn't be more thrilled to have them living in my home.

oh yes.  i am doing a happy dance (see icon).  but quietly and in a reclined position.

Tags: life (the real one), media

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