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what kind of tragic pervert needs to buy a book like this?

all right. i admit to being charmed by fortysomething. the first episode was rather dull and i nearly gave the second a pass, but i'd have missed out on all kinds of fun including nekkid!hugh in the street and a leery bedroom scene (the premise being that he can't remember the last time he had sex). then, as i was in the shower and wondering about various things as is my wont, i though to myself, self, i thought, i'd never turn hugh laurie, paul slippery (the name!) out of bed for eating crackers. that's right! i'm taking a stand. no tossing hugh out of bed. that's my story and i'm sticking to it.

also i am being charmed by a bit of fry and laurie. it reminds me of being 10 and sneaking to stay up late to watch monty python. i am not so sure, however, about black adder. mostly because i've always been left completely cold by rowan atkinson. but i may slog through or just skip to the series with hugh. but i am thrilled to watch jeeves and wooster (well i will be once i download the series--oh bless, you internet, bless you!) because i think my mother was a big fan and i'm very curious to see it.

and one further note:

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