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i'm not dead! (but i have a one track mind)

i know you were wondering......

i've just been in serious summer vacation mode, hanging out with family (enzo gave me his first compliment the other day: 'i like your shirt.  it's pretty'  and luca is nearly walking!) and friends (4th of july bbq was awesome and i stayed til 1 am), watching house on dvd (joy! rapture!) and enjoying the not having to have an actual schedule ergo i can stay up til 3 in the morning (reading fanfic) and sleep late and take naps so i can stay up again til 3 in the morning (more fanfic!).  then i've been going on walks and to bbqs and movies (ice age dawn of the dinosaurs was funnish--nothing awesome but it made me refall in love with john leguiziamo).  i joined a gym!  yes that's right.  i'm aiming to pump myself up a bit and hasten the weight loss (65 pounds as of yesterday, folks!).   i finally allowed myself to buy a few new clothes (old navy, baby, it's where it's at).  i mean i couldn't very well go to france with my old clothes hanging off me, could i?  summer vacation, man.  you see how it goes.  

i've become a huge lurker in the house fandom--i read everything i can get my hands on in the house/cuddy realm (if anyone's interested, i'm collecting things at my delicious page)  and then i read the comms for pictures and gossip and silly, silly stuff.  i'm amazed at the vitriol i see being spewed all over from one ship group to another.  i don't think i've ever seen quite so much hate directed at characters and actors as in this particular fandom.  it's sad to me.  i mean i ship house/cuddy but i have serious warm feelings for house/cameron (still think that the cancer!spy kiss is one of the most erotic moments on tv--ever!--when he gives in and kisses back...oof!) and it's heart breaking that the show veered away from it (though it feels much more organic on the second watch, i have to say and i'm much less grossed out by the chase/cameron direction).  

and it saddens me to see people taking things so seriously that they have to be mean.  and the meanness extends from the personal--people who are participating in the comms to the actors themselves--as though any one of them is responsible for the direction their characters take.   and this i've seen especially directed at lisa edelstein (who seems like the nicest sweetest woman on the planet) and cuddy.  because house should be with wilson or chase or foreman or stacy or the janitor or anyone but cuddy.  so says the internet!   i guess it's my own naivete but i'm always distressed when i see that kind of hatred spill around.  it seems like it takes so much energy to be mean and hurtful when you could use it to be kind and helpful to people.   or, you know, just ignore it.  come on!  be a lurker like me!  though i supposed that would be the end of the internet as we know it.  no one responding to anyone as we all lurked away.....

and this is not only in the lj-fandom but all over the internet.  fr'instance, looking over the comments in the ew spoiler columns, i'm stunned by how angry people get at the very idea that there are relationships at all in house.  no no no house can't be with cameron (ew gross!) no no no house can't be with wilson (ew gross!) no no no house can't be with cuddy (ew gross!)  you get the idea....there are people apparently who watch a show named after the character only for the medical drama.  they have no interest in seeing what happens to the characters.  only in how they'll solve the latest dotw.  this i don't get at all.  i mean often the dotw is very interesting but it's only interesting in so far as it pushes house's character.  in fact, i'm going to go out on a limb and say, the reason i watch this show is to see the relationships--not only the romantic ones but all of them--all of the characters and how they swirl around house.  it's what makes this so fascinating.  i know david shore keeps saying how he doesn't want his characters to grow (house especially),  but i think that's nearly impossible to maintain.  and so based on my own assumption (and not making myself a pain in the ass) i cannot wait until september to see what happens and where things go.   i do have a complaint about my house dvds though: the commentaries are awful!  they're all david shore and katie jacobs with virtually no insight on anything.  occasionally katie says: you can't get too close to house (in regards to the superextreme closeups they tend to use on him) and then david says: there was a joke we cut out here (and then doesn't tell what the joke was).   and that's about it.   blech.  man.  i could do better commentaries based on the stuff i've read on the internet!  

 anyway, it's 3:40 now.  and i have a very early dentist appointment in the morning so i may try to sleep a bit before then.  of course then i'll have to come home and nap......and the cycle repeats itself!  

hey!!!  how are you guys?
i miss you!

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