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 i have to admit that i didn't sleep well last night.  i dreamt intensely and exclusively of frédéric which of course meant my day was taken up with a lot of pensive sighing.  but it was still a pretty good day all told. 

the dreams were very interesting.  he wears a ring on his left ring finger which initially told me he was married and so i was a bit uncomfortable with how attractive i was finding him but he never mentioned a wife or family here in tours (his parents live in brest in bretagne), and we stayed talking last night until 12, and i never quite got up the courage to ask him what the ring was about.  (i will tonight.) but in my dream i figured it out!  he wears it to symbolize his pledge to not have sex before marriage.  hmmmm.  i think i was mainlining true blood or something recently.  and of course in my dream, he and i wanted to sleep together which we did in terms of actual sleeping.  but the rest of the night was taken up with other dreams i don't remember, my feet being very cold, and not being to get comfortable and thinking about whether or not he would show up tonight at 9:30.  

my day today was actually really excellent.  i spent it entirely in tours.  after a very early breakfast because i was up, i asked the owner of the hotel if he could point me in the direction of a marché.  i also wanted to get some razors (just in case.  i want super smooth legs tonight--i am a floozy, it's true) and i needed to find a dictionary because damn!  the book that i'm trying to read, that frédéric gave me, is freaking hard!  i swear i don't know approximately half the vocabulary in the damn thing and my french is pretty good!  but it's very full of slang and what i think are sort of made up words though i'm not entirely clear because even though i finally found a good bookstore that specializes in foreign languages and carries a huge assortment of dictionaries, i still can't find lots of the words and the woman who helped me didn't know two of the first ones i had marked--and she's a native speaker!  (i think the book is also partially why i dreamed so much of my night about him--the book is fairly intensely sexual and it kind of makes me gasp.)   so my errands were successful.  i found everything i needed and then came home to bathe and get ready for the day.  

although i'm not by nature a stalker, since we haven't exchanged phone numbers and i have only his casual "i'll come by tomorrow evening" to tell me that he'll be here or not, i thought i'd try being at the tourist office around the time that he would take a group of tourists out for the afternoon jaunt.  and this also fit quite nicely with my own touristy plan--see, nefarious yet practical.   unfortunately, or maybe not, time will tell, he wasn't there or i missed him or whatever but i got my ipod guided visit to tours and spent the next couple of hours wandering with purpose!  i saw some beautiful churches--the cathédrale de st gatien is one of the loveliest i've seen because the stained glass is incredible and the day was so sunny, the light was just splendid, a little like walking through a rainbow.  i hung out on this amazing old steel bridge for a bit and watched the river do its thing.  the color of the loire today was like melted emeralds.  no exaggeration.  and it's wide and fairly shallow just there so you can see the stones in it--again i can't possible do it justice.  what a gorgeous day too!  the sun was high and hot and i have a great near sunburn on my shoulders and arms.  i love being this bronze-rose color that my skin does when i push it!  

i stopped by the château de tours which is pretty medieval looking with serious walls and a very serious tower.  no one was getting into this town from the river, damn it!   the ipod tour was pretty good--it gave me loads of information and also pointed out tons of things i'd just walked past the last day or so.  the town is riddled with 14th and 15th century houses--still!  they're just hanging out being homes and shops and whatevers squished in among the more modern buildings.  and when i say more modern i mean, like 17th century.  man. france is old!   and then as i was beginning to really wilt, i discovered myself at place pluméreau which i'm really hoping if frédéric shows up we can walk over to because it's a fabulous spot.  completely surrounded by these wattle and daub houses, it's full of cafés and restaurants and is just delightfully lively and hopping.    after la place plum' as they call it around here, i gave up on the tour.  i was pretty done--hot, tired, overthinking everything as is my wont, so i made my way back to the tourist office and then came home. 

i took a little nap or at least as much of one as i could manage and then went over to this wonderful restaurant called la ruche where i had a fabulous meal: a fresh delicious bit of fish in a really light tomato sauce followed by the most gorgeous duck with nectarines.  and for dessert i took the 3 sorbets with fresh fruit and a raspberry coulis.  i had a funny exchange with my hotelier when i told him that if frédéric showed up, i'd be at la ruche and he made such a french face.  the one where everything gets all pursed up and the eyes roll a bit and you get the feeling you've just made a horrendous mistake.  he was sure that the place would be packed and that if i hadn't made a reservation there'd be no way i'd get a table.  but boy was he wrong.  there was absolutely no one in the place when i walked in and so i got to pick the table in the window so i could watch out and see the street go by.  so i read my book, ate my beautiful meal, wondered if i'd see frédéric tonight and then came back here to post and pass the time.  

i hope there'll be another glowing review of at least a couple hours of conversation for me to write so cross your fingers for me, my dear flist.  i'd like to see this one again.

eta:  well it's nearly 10:30 and he hasn't shown so i'm giving up at this point.   someday i'll meet a guy who doesn't end up by disappointing me in some way, right?  he must be out there.....  

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