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plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose just keeps surprising us, doesn't it? 

i had a terrific flight home which was such a good thing since i was so against leaving.  but i met a marvelous guy on the plane which made everything go better. maurice (pronounced morris) is belgian and an engineer and we had such a great conversation the whole way.  and then we had coffee in atlanta before we had to say goodbye.  and that was a little sad too.  but he invited me back to belgium and suggested i consider moving to belgium rather than france since as he says, the french are so chauvinistic and i'll have a hard time breaking in (true enough) he also told me that the next time i come to europe, i should come see him and he'd take time off from work to be with me!  very nice.  also good looking and HONEST!!!!  we're already facebook friends which means, you know, that we'll be BFF (snerk) and we've already exchanged a bunch of silly communiques.  so that's been fun. 

but more importantly, the man i was in love with in paris 20 years ago.  my first true love.  the man who wanted to marry me and take me off to tunisia (oh how my mother was terrified of that actually happening).  the man who had disappeared into the mists of my past, contacted me through facebook!!   he was actually looking for me!!!!  it's hard to believe that i may find out what his life has been like and who he is now.  it's really incredible.  so i'm just waiting to hear back from him since i wrote back--he didn't friend me because he wasn't sure it was me.  but i'm so excited to find out about this man!!!!! 

it's like some strange door has opened and life has just walked through it to me.  i feel so energized and alive.  it's really stupendous.  i remember how it felt walking through paris after i'd met and fallen in love with hachem all that time ago.  the way people responded to me.  the way my body moved.  the way the days seemed charmed.  that's how i feel right now.  it's such a gorgeous feeling.   and i'm just wanting to ride that high and keep this feeling. 

of course, school is starting soon and i'll have a new job which i'm dreading in a very abstract and not particularly focused way.  it will be what it will be and i can't do much about having to do it anyway.  and i still have a few days of freedom before i go back.  so i'm just going to hope to hear from hachem again soon, and maybe maurice and maybe even frédéric..........don't know about that one but it's still intriguing.  and i have worked really hard on some of the translation already.......we'll see. 
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