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still breathing......

i know it's been weeks since i've posted.  i've dropped out of livejournalland and entered the realm of the Eighth Grade.  it's been a drastic crazy shift for me one that's largely unwelcome and sucky.  i'm deeply lucky that i have an incredibly driven and committed team of teachers working with me who hand me tons of curriculum, otherwise i think i would have already gouged out my eyeballs in frustration.  

but i have to go bed by 8:30 each night in order get up by 5ish to pick up my carpool partner at 6:20 to drive way too far to a school where i have to somehow muster up the energy required to do this job, ergo i can't be online nearly as much as i used to.  sucks for me!

so i hope all y'all are having fun even if it is without me!  i heard that the new tv season is starting up and with it all the fannishness and delight that i love, but i'll be head down, sucking it up for the children over here in east county.  

anyway, just wanted to let you know i'm still alive.  ish.  

how was nph last night?  he didn't disappoint, i'd imagine.........and did you guys hear that joss won an emmy?   yeah, that's where i am.  a day late and a dollar short.

love you all!
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