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so i haven't been around, that's not news, but today for the first time in simply ages, i had a couple of minutes, during class no less, to scan my flist and see what's up.....and, of course, since the fall shows have started, and i 'm weeks behind (apparently three if i'm counting correctly--bones is already at ep 3 as is supernatural, and i think big bang theory and himym are back already, and did i miss the premier of house?)  man. anyway, there are all these posts i can't click on or even glance at really.   which bums me out and makes me feel like i have to work to catch up so i can participate!  sheesh!  people, people, friends of mine, show the shit down!  can we do something about the rapid turning of the earth while we're at it?  i mean does it really have to revolve fully every 24 hours?  why not 30 hours or so?   think of it.....i could use the sleep.  couldn't you?

anyway.  here's hoping i'll get a few minutes later on in, say, the next month to come back and read all your adventures and reactions to all this great tv.  hey, did i hear that dollhouse is starting up again tonight?  that's neato.   

also i want to point out my mood theme: geeky.   that is my all-time favorite musical moment from the show....when he's rocking out to the commodores, slippery when wet.  simply smashing!  later when i'm at my home computer, i'll link the song so you can hear the brilliance of it, if you don't know it already.
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