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sg-1 ark of truth

i just saw it......la la la.......

so it was pretty good.  i guess i was thinking there would be some sort of huge leap from the tv series to a made for tv movie but there wasn't.  same values in lighting, cinematography, writing, etc. although the music was more in the foreground--some choral stuff including a pretty powerful tenor voice that was nice. though it did seem a biti lotr especially the huge, sweeping mountain range shots. very pretty but a bit derivative.  cam did get to say shit and asshole.  and there was a relatively satisfying wrap to the ori storyline--julian sands weeping on the ground is ok in my book.  cool looking ascended adria.  but ok.  i felt like the replicators were just so done.  it was a total mcguffin--they needed something to delay the ship getting into hyperdrive so they looked into the bag of tricks and pulled out the mechanical spiders.  even the bad ioa guy who becomes a replicator was kind of dumb and not nearly scary enough.  especially when you compare the effects to the terminator stuff--it was relatively lame. 

oh and there was a lovely lovely lovely cam/sam moment at the end that was totally reminiscent of raiders of the lost ark and made my cam/sam radar go "ping!"  (and amanda tapping looked particularly cute in the scene).   also a funny daniel landry thing that echoed poor indiana's travails with the dod at the end of raiders as well.  i mean they could hardly do a movie with an archaeologist and an ark without some sort of shout out.  however since i just finished watching the end of season 10 and spent some time watching and re-watching that awesome scene with daniel and vala  (wow--they were both so good in that moment--claudia rocking my socks again! and shanks.  hotter than usual and nice that the writers finally got a chance to write a relationship scene that played longer than 45 seconds so there could actually be some movement) i missed the daniel/vala ship in this movie.  it just wasn't there.

well i'll be interested in reading what everyone says when it airs in march.  i've actually had this for weeks just waiting to watch until i finished seasons 9 & 10.  and now i'm super-bummed because there is no more.  i have really adored this show even when it's let me down.  i guess i'll have to save up some cash to buy the last 2 seasons and just cycle through the older ones i haven't watched in ages.  and read fanfic.  there is always fanfic.  thank god for the writers who take such good care of the rest of us fans--you make the fantasy live on.


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Feb. 3rd, 2008 05:04 am (UTC)
hee--make it go!
yeah i think you and i disagree on the daniel vala ship. it hits me in the old harlequin romance kink i have which means: the man is bad to the woman; she falls in love with him; they misunderstand each other or have someone come between them; he finally reveals his love to her; they live happily ever after. i guess that's what you get for reading romances in the library at age 9. i saw that scene with daniel and vala as his coming to terms with his own shit--yeah he was awful about it, but once he saw the true emotion she was experiencing, i think he could finally see the full extent of vala's growth as a person. and finally he could let himself see how good she was. i get what you're saying about the worldly-wise woman debasing herself but she's always had a thing for him and his opinion means a lot to her. so i guess they get to the same place at the same time....

and yeah i wish cam had hooked up with sam during unending as well. i thought that moment with the mistletoe was promising but i guess one shippy couple was all we were allowed for that ep.

also i wish they would let ben use his acting chops more too. he can be sooo good. he has real depth of emotion that he can access and he doesn't hide as an actor.

i haven't seen anything for continuum. i'll have to look around for it...i'm so glad you've seen ark so i can talk to someone about it!
Feb. 3rd, 2008 11:53 pm (UTC)
Thanks for the info!

I don't usually like spoiling myself, but I'm not planning on watching Ark of Truth (at least, I'm not planning on paying money to watch it; I'm sure they'll run it on sci fi at some point). I'm an Original Team fan and don't care much for the new characters. Actually, Vala grew on me, even though I found her character annoying at first, but I think that is purely due to Claudia Black's talent. And Cam became less irritating, probably for the same reason, but the character just never did anything for me. (Nevertheless, I continued to watch the series and am at least curious about Ark of Truth, which shows how obsessive I am about SG-1.)

But I really didn't like what Robert Cooper did with the last two seasons of SG-1, esp. not what happened to Sam and Daniel. Esp. Daniel. His character changed so much that, at the end, he was almost unlikeable. There were some good episodes even in the last two seasons, esp. in the first half of Season 9, but the SG-1 that I love is Seasons 1 - 8. So I am very interested in the second movie, because Jack is in it and it is Brad Wright's baby.
Feb. 4th, 2008 12:44 am (UTC)
i too really loved the OT but i think i let enough time pass between watching s8 and 9/10 that my initial "there's no way it can be as good as with jack" feeling passed and i really enjoyed watching the new team dynamic. i do agree with you that daniel became sort of dark ( i don't think ascension was all that good for him!). in fact, i was/am sort of surprised how mean he can be...his relationship with vala is sort of the litmus test of that. he kind of reminds me, in the last 2 seasons, of the kid who got bullied and then became the bully. it's as though without jack there to balance/bully(!) him, he got a bit big for his britches...ymmv of course!

and if at some point, you want to see ark of truth, i have it burned so i can always mail it to you if you'd like!
Feb. 4th, 2008 08:28 pm (UTC)
Well, I know there are lots of people who enjoyed the new team, too. But, for me, there was something about the original SG-1 that drew me in as few shows have. This is the first time I've really gotten involved in a fandom or started writing fan fiction.

And thanks for the offer on Ark of Truth -- that's very generous of you -- but I'll pass. Like I said, not that interested in seeing it.
Feb. 4th, 2008 11:33 pm (UTC)
your last line made me giggle. it's ok. you don't have to see it. and really even though i like the new team and have seen the darn thing, i'm not that interested in seeing it! lol!

i think it's super cool you have entered fandom...it's a strange, strange world but fun.
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