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boys are dumb

and also they are stupid.  

i guess i need to let go of expectations in every direction, huh?  i chatted via im with hachem last friday, and we talked a lot about being able to get in touch with each.  we finally exchanged phone numbers, so we could text to each other know when we might be around to have another voip conversation.  and i thought: yippee!  now i can stop having these long periods of not hearing from him or being able to get in touch with him!  so we exchanged a couple of texts, and then he basically stopped getting back to me.  finally on sunday night, i emailed him saying i had had a good weekend and i hoped he had one too, but that not talking to him made me sad.   and now it's tuesday and i still haven't heard from him.  so no communication since friday.  grrrrrrr.  it makes me crazy in my head and also i get blue!  

plus i am having a bad clothes day.  i had an outfit all laid out last night (cowl neck shirt, wrap black cardigan, denim pencil skirt--great, right?) but this morning when i put it on, it was horrible!  stupid cowl neck shirt.  so i was late to work (not that it matters much) because i was throwing clothes around til 7:20.  and i'm still unhappy!  stupid top.  it neither flatters nor comforts. and really a shirt should do at least one of those two things, don't you think?   i think if i were famous, go_fug_yourself would be all up in my bizness over this one.  

and also last night i had a total freak out because i can't find the email i think i sent to the club we're supposed to be playing this weekend saying that we'd take the show and now i'm not sure if we are actually slotted to play!  which mistake would SUCK monumentally if i fucked that up.  aside from the fact that our show on halloween was awesome and i can't wait to play again, the boys would be mad at me, a lot of people who were waiting for this particular show to come see us would miss it...and i would feel awful.  so i'm just waiting to hear from the owner of the club to let me know if i blew it or not.... 

and while i'm complaining, on saturday as i was leaving my performance coach's house, it was raining and i slipped down her front stairs since i was wearing my oh-so-practical black-sequined steve madden slippers ($49.99 nordstrom!) and gave myself some indescribably wretched scrapes: one about 5" long down my left shin!   so my leg aches, the spots on the top of my feet where i scraped as well are kind of achy and itchy, and i feel crappy in my head, heart, and shirt. 

wasn't i supposed to feel like this yesterday since it was monday?
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