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drive-by updating

life's been pretty good. which is awfully nice to write. last couple of weekends have been full of sweetness and fun. lots of good friends and going out dancing and cute boys who make me forget i have angst in tunisia.

yesterday, for example, my neighbor, david, and i went shopping, and he swerved me into kay jewelers where we pretended we were getting married and tried on engagement rings for 45 minutes! it was so fun! i can't believe i've never done anything like that before. i found a great down jacket at macy's for $31! and finished my christmas/hannukah shopping for the family. oh walmart. damn you and your sinister charms--which i'd never succumbed to before so i count, lucky? and also target.

and saturday, i spent a fabulous evening with my new bestie, jmack, eating incredible sushi and then seeing a truly wonderful play called holidazed by local playwright, mark acito (awesome!!!!) and then hanging out at my friend jesse's bar til last call and after.

i sound so glamorous!

this week i'm getting my hair cut and colored--yippee! (sidenote: i'm curious to know what the gray percentage of my hair actually is but i'm sure as hell not going to find out.) and this weekend, i have a party to go to on saturday night. i'm thinking i'd like to go to goodfoot on friday again because i seem to have my groove on there for sure! i'll see if my wingman will go with me....she's pretty much down for anything which is seriously what i need.

and the winter break is coming up fast. only 11 more days 'til i can forget about centennial middle school for two blissful weeks.

ok drive-by over and out!
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