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just an old-fashioned update


insanely busy.

band.  good.  recording in the studio june 12.  can't wait to share it with you.

life coaching.  down to 2 pro bono clients which is good but need to have actual paying clients which is hard.

work.  blech.  but almost done.  june 18th is the last day.  oh joy and rapture...summer vacation!  disneyland, here i come!!!!!!

family.  moving june 21st to orcas island.  heartbreaking.  missing my nephews growing for a year out of their tiny lives?  bonecrushingly sad.

dating.  slowing down after weeks of seeing 2 to 3 new guys a week.  ugh.  (hey!  check out this ridiculous site:  yes it's real but i can't believe these men are.....why oh why would they be on a dating site if they are physically perfect, financially more than stable, and mentally evolved?  i mean, i get why i'm there as i'm none of the above (snerk!) and don't meet men so easily in RL but these guys?  have a gander and you'll see what i mean.)

what i'm watching: treme (how i love this show!  it has my entire heart and soul at the moment as does new orleans), house (i'm a happy shipper this summer), doctor who (who? i miss la tennant!), parenthood (fantastic writing and all the characters and performances--lauren graham is a delight), supernatural (what a great though vaguely underwhelming finale!  i still think jensen ackles is the most underrated fellow out there--the boy can emote!).  need to catch up on modern family, himym, big bang theory, caprica, stargate uni, chuck, lost (yes i got behind and haven't seen the final 8 or so eps), spartacus (i know i know but goodness it's like if xena and hercules had pron babies!), and the good wife (i really enjoyed the first few eps but have let it slide).  this however, is partly what summer vacation is for, yes? 

oh dear flist, how are you?
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