la_tante (la_tante) wrote,

horrible day.  i had to write two behavioral referrals in a row for disrespectful students, one of whom called me fucking stupid and then lied right to my face in front of our acting vp and said she'd called the class fucking stupid.  because if she actually swore at a teacher she'd have been suspended for a day.  and she knew it.  so after we processed and she didn't apologize, she left the room and i burst into tears.  i think i can count on one hand the number of times in six years a kid has made me cry, and once was the week i came back to work after my mother had died!  so all in all a wretched morning. 

however i have the weekend to recover.  thank god.  and possibly a sick nephew to cuddle.  and a damn broken cell phone to argue with sprint about.  although after reading this article about how they're discovering the dangers of cell phone usage, i'm not so sure i want to own one anymore.  except for the damn 2 year contract....which of course is far more important than my current lack of fucking brain cancer!

oh and right now i am become a puddle of goo on the floor in front of my tv because fucking capt. jack harkness and the fucking doctor who are dancing with rose.  holy shite.  see how little i need?  it's like crack.  just one teeny fix and i'm all right.  and tomorrow 2 more discs are coming in the mail.  woohoo!  oh and i'm downloading 2 eps of supernatural and tomorrow sga!   double woohoo!   and i'm also reading a most terrific sg1 au sam/jack fic by annerbhp called string theory.  it's being recced all over the web and it's worth it.  thank god for fandom.  it only makes me cry sometimes....
Tags: doctor who, fandom, fanfic, sg-1, supernatural, work
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