January 24th, 2008

labyrinth ring


so my students are all standing around the headphone cupboard which i'm locking up, waiting for me to let them out of class, and one of them says to another who's sporting this fabulous red stain on his neck: "so is that your first hickey?"  and another says: "what was she 12, 13?" and i say: "could you please wait until i'm nowhere near you to have this conversation?"  oh my god.  my job.
labyrinth ring

divinyls fic bunny

so i'm driving home and "i touch myself" was on the radio.  and all of a sudden i was thinking, "ooh i'd love it if someone would write sam/cam with say, frinstance, sam in the kitchen singing along to this when cam walks in, and there would be blushing and slow southern drawls and oh my maybe even touching."  well.  i put it out there and anyone who'd like to write this, can.  i offer services as a beta-reader in payment for this and/or any other fic that should need a second or third pair of eyes.  (i'm really good!)   la la la.  
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