January 26th, 2008

labyrinth ring

an eventful moment

it's been a little nutty chez la tante.  we begin our story with the wretched announcement that my sister-in-law, jenn's, grandma had a massive stroke thursday so she left today very early to head home to new york.  so the bad things happen in three's is all taken care of: epstein barr, breast cancer, and a stroke.  that's it. there will be no more.  as the loving aunt that i am, i will get to be with my enzo a lot more this week than normal so i can help out brother josh which doesn't make me one bit of sad.  but i am super concerned for jenn and her family.  it's a lot to deal with.  i think it'll be good for her to be home though.  it's awful to know your family's in crisis and be 3000 miles away--it sort of exponentially increases the misery quotient.

as for me, last night was kind of wierd.  i had sushi dinner plans withlordshiva which i was very excited about.  so i bundled myself in my car and headed into town.  those of you who know portland will recognize the oddity when i say it took me half an hour to get from the fremont bridge to weidler--thanks, blazers!  i've never seen such bad traffic or traf-fuck as we call it in my family.  so i'm finally through the snarl up and looking for parking.  at a right turn only stop, i stopped and looked left for the oncoming cars.  seeing that a car had stopped to ostensibly let me make my turn, i began to accelerate when all of a sudden i realized there was a woman walking right in front of my car!!!!!!!  i don't believe i actually hit her.  but it must have scared the shit  out of her--it would have me.  now i know i was in the wrong.  i should have looked right again but i didn't.  i rolled down my window to apologize and to make sure she was ok and she was already screaming at me and throwing things at me, a couple of books i think, and hitting at me through the window.  she did hit me with something on my face.  fucking asshole she called me.  you know?  i've never been called an asshole before.  it wasn't pleasant.  i was yelling back jesus lady i'm sorry.  she's still yelling as she walked away.  i know she left the things she threw at me in the street.  ick.  what a mess.  and it was made ickier by this inappropriate feeling of what a bitch she was. at the same time i knew i'd nearly hurt someone, she was just so awful, and i couldn't help wondering if i'd react that way if someone nearly hit me.  if they were trying to apologize and make sure i was ok, would i yell at them and throw things?  hmmmm.

so i found parking (!) and went into the restaurant very upset.  it was a fairly surreal experience i'd just had.  and my dear lordshiva let me rant for a few minutes and then she said, my there are a lot of cop cars outside.  after which, 6 cops came walking very slowing and quietly into the restaaurant and moved to the back which was the direction i was facing.  they stood around this table and then a man was escorted out by them.  he went quite quietly although i did hear him say in this sort of sarcastic voice: "the heat is here, the heat!"  now we have no idea why this happened.  my supposition is that he was a street person who'd come in, was drunk, and had begun to cause a problem for the staff before we'd even gotten to the restaurant. it was all over really quickly and very quietly but so wierd.  and on top of my almost hitting that mean lady....man, sake has never tasted so good!!!!