January 27th, 2008

labyrinth ring

friday night lights

if you ever wondered why anyone would bother with a show about high school football, you have only to read this page of jacob's review at twop (scroll down to the second (or first full, ymmv) paragraph).  it just continues to be some of the very best television i have ever watched.  at times, it's pretty soap-opera-y, well, often, but it's never sappy or sentimental.  it grabs you by your heartstrings and tugs.  oh buddy garrity.  your sweaty earnestness is marvelous.  and darling coach and mrs. coach--they are the only real adult relationship on television.  and bad boy to end all bad boys with hearts of gold, tim riggins.  i could go on because there's landry and tyra and matt and jason and lyla and smash and all their parents.  wow.  it's so good.  
labyrinth ring

a potential flist meme

i've been  wandering around on ell jay a little while lately and this morning i have another question (one that's been asked before, i know!):  where'd your online handle come from?  some of them are so interesting, there just must be a reason.  if you'd like to share or keep curiosity from killing this particular cat, please explain yourself!

i'ill start.  mine is painfully obvious, i think.  my own self is pretty much about being an aunt lately and i adore french.  so voilà!  la_tante.