January 31st, 2008

labyrinth ring


been super busy with nephew enzo and school.  sheesh tempus fugit!  but i have been meaning to post regarding torchwood.  ok.  je l'adore.  it's far from perfect but it's so satisfying.  there's a fair amount of scenery chewing.  not sure if i've ever seen so many clenched jaws and sprayed spit on tv but i'm now completely in love with john barrowman.  head over heels really in love.  plus the man can sing.....i spent some (read way too much) time with youtube last night when i should have been sleeping and watched him sing this great number with ruthie hansell.  oh my.  the talent on that stage is prodigious.  and i also watched the entire episode of never mind the buzzcocks on which he was guest starring.  man i feel like i'm in confession....forgive me father for i have sinned.  i have had immoral thoughts about a gay man!!!  not that i'm alone in that adoration.  but basically he sort of sizzles with everyone.  (hullo james marsters!) he's just  a vibrate-y kind of guy.  and i'm getting the good vibrations.......
labyrinth ring

knock knock

ok picture this (and if i could, i would post pictures so you wouldn't have to use your imagination, but it's good for you, so go ahead!) john barrowman, mark harmon, and chris noth as three brothers who.....i dunno...they do something and maybe they fight crime or bake bread or design ladies' shoes......it doesn't really matter, but they are cut from the same beautiful cloth and i think they should make a something together.  it would work.  and i would watch.  maybe all they'd do is sit around and tell knock knock jokes.  but i would watch.  wouldn't you?