February 4th, 2008

labyrinth ring

cutie smooches

so it was time for enzo's bath which he demanded by saying "buh-bles bath"!  we have a talker, folks!!  and so i said "hey babe can i have a kissy kissy since i'm going to go bye bye?"  and he nodded this happy little nod, put up his gorgeous little face with those rosy lips all puckered up, and went mmmmwah!  that was the sound he made mmmmmmmwah!  best kiss so far from him.  oh my god i love my nephew!!!
labyrinth ring


all i can say is *wibble*  that was marvelous.  i have deep love for diablo cody, ellen page, michael cera (i always have deep love for him), jason bateman (who should marry me), and the rest of this amazingly sweet never sappy movie.  man, i hope it wins.