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February 6th, 2008

drive by

i spent some time last night reading some friends of friends lists and wound up adding a few folks.  it was fun to see all the other sg1 stuff going on.  i am kind of excited, even though i don't tend to fluffy fic, to see the fluff awards happen.  annerbhp is pimping it at her journal.  at the very least there'll be some great stuff to read!

i've discovered trader joe's trader ming's noodles and sauce.  for $1.99 you get a fun, little take out style box you heat up pad thai, kung pao, or satay style noodles.  they're cheap and reasonably yummy. 

if you've read wendy mcclure's book, i'm not the new me, you'll enjoy this.  in the current parlance, it is made of win.  and pimientos.

i love days like this.  there's a conference happening out of state for several of our staff so no staff meeting today!  yippee.  that meant i was able to bring in my stoopid bills and pay them; have a leisurely morning catching up on a few office things; eat a good noodle-y breakfast; and contemplate posting. 

i do want to extend deep sympathies and prayers to those affected by the crazy tornadoes last night.  it was rather surreal to awaken this morning to the radio announcer saying dozens had died!  and i have to admit my very first thought was, "it's the election.  god's really mad."

so i'm sitting in my office that i share with the school nurse.  she's here half days on tuesdays and fridays because why would poor teenagers need access to medical care more often?  ahem.  and there's a sign on the door that says: "nurse debbie's hours" in realllllllly big writing and it actually has the hours listed thereon.  i know, i know. what kind of topsy turvy world am i living in?  i'm sewing a button on my coat, something i've been needing to do for ages and the door opens.  and this girl says, "when is the other nurse going to be here?"  first of all, not a nurse, and second of all (please say it with me) the hours are posted on the freaking door.  the sign is next to her eyes!  and third of all, she came by yesterday to ask the same damn question.  the same damn question.  oy. 

at least my button's back on.


help is on the way!

while the csi fandom (d_dangerlove and geekfiction) is offering help (and excellent help it is) in writing good smut and just good writing in general, i offer you this, an opportunity to make your evil overlord even eviler (even more eviler?)  hee hee.  and good writing!

i am an uber-geek!

i am silly happy over my new star wars postage stamps (although they do have images from the second trilogy which is not really star wars as far as i'm concerned), and i have in my dvd player, right this very moment, disc one of season one of the scifi doctor who.  go team me!!!


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