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February 7th, 2008

an explanation of sorts

it is a tradition in our family (one that my mother started and that my brother and i have maintained) to give calendars at hanukah.  usually they are art prints, you know the type that hang on the wall and you always debate getting rid of them once the year is up because the pictures are so purdy.  for a couple of years,  my mother got me pictures of women reading which i loved.  all sorts of paintings showing women with books.  wonderful really.  i wound up making a huge collage for my classroom wall from the pictures. i digress.  so this year, my brother and jenn broke tradition with the wall calendar and got me a "thing a day" calendar.  the particular thing for this calendar is a "website a day" and this is why i have spammed my journal with these silly links (and probably will continue to do so).  although most of them are of the "whatevah" variety, though timewasters they are indeed, this one is kind of amazing.  it's like a doorway into a world i had no idea existed.  in fact, it is a doorway to a world i had no idea existed.  it reminds me of fairies.  and the things you catch glimpses out of the corners of your eyes.  and the links it connects to make that world even larger.  the multiverse, she is a real one...........

let's drop1!11!!1!!1!

ok.  i love this song it's so poppy and silly and stoopidly sexual and kinda anti-girl but i still get this dumb grin whenever it comes on the radio.
i mean shake shake shake shake it.....awesome!

anyway, metro station is coming to portland on sunday with rogue wave for only $9.47.  i really wanna go!  but i don't have anyone to go with.....and grown up and independent as i am, i still prefer to operate on the buddy system for shows....i dunno.  i might go on my own anyway.

they're so damn contagiously cute!

doctor who glee

eta: my goodness but he's a manipulative bastard in'nt?

daleks and stairs

they can calculate a 1000 billion combinations in one second flat.  and plunge your toilet.  as long as it's on the first floor.


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