February 10th, 2008

labyrinth ring

metro station

they are fucking cute!  way too skinny for actually living though.  and i think the mean age of the band must be 12 but they are super fun!  a 40 minute set is about all they can pull off because that's the extent of their material. i think they went to rock 'n roll star classes, and boy the teenagers sure do love 'em.  i felt like i was witnessing something new in pop culture and i think it has something to do with myspace.  though i'm not fully fleshed out in my thinking.  it's the new or newish agora right?  and you should see the hair!  holy moly.  it's like each one of the band members is actually two people: a guy and his hair.  it's so funny!  i really had a ball and i did my tribute to molly ringwald dance so i call it a successful evening!