February 18th, 2008

labyrinth ring

lj musings

so i'm reading my flist (man it's so hard to catch up after just a couple of days away and then there's that thought of, well, do i post a comment to a discussion that already has 4 pages of comments or to a post that's already a couple of days old? and clearly i digress) and i come across this interesting link on monanotlisa's journal.  and as i began to read down the pages, i recognized name after name as journalers who'd been around when i was fanning over buffy.  and it's so interesting to see the tide of fandom toss people up on similar shores.  i'm sure i'm not the first to be aware of this, but, as someone who's had some distance from the community, it's pretty fascinating to me.  so many buffy fans have migrated to sg1 and sga.  i guess the richness of the story telling and mythologies that have been created in these other shows, not to mention the sheer prettiness of all the people gets those creative/fannish juices flowing.  and thank goodness.  i mean what would i do, where would i be without all these marvelous writers around to sate my thirst for more more more fic 'n angst?  the mind boggles.  it really do.