February 21st, 2008

labyrinth ring

shiver me timbers!

a 4 am post is rarely a good thing but i just got so scared!  i was sound asleep and awakened by a rapping at my bedroom window!  thank god i had a phone right next my head.  with cell phones, i don't always.  i was too scared to get out of bed.  but i grabbed the phone and called 911.  i lay there thinking how i hadn't locked the latch of the gate which is really my only protection from the big unknown in my place.  the officer was nice enough to keep me on the line until there were people here.  people who told me no one was here.  3 nice, big gentlemen armed with flashlights who encouraged me to lock the latch and try to go back to sleep.   i have honestly never been so scared.  dead sleep to terror in 0 seconds, i guess.  

and now i'm supposed to sleep?  fat chance!  too adrenaline-y.  i guess i'll finish up my latest episode of life on mars.  i'm sure that'll make me sleep easier!