February 22nd, 2008

labyrinth ring


i actually have it!  i went to the doctor today after missing the entire week of work and she said i've got the real deal!  don't think i've ever had it before, not really.  and it's awful!  aches, fever, terrible cough, and now on the 5th day it's taking up residence in my nose.  go team me!  so i have an inhaler and some codeine cough syrup for the weekend; my brother made me a pot of chicken soup with matzoh balls because he loves me; and i'm ensconced, as i have been, for the duration in my bed. 

in the past week, i've watched the entire 2 series of life on mars--feckin' brilliant!; dan in real life--oh steve carrell how i love you; michael clayton--george clooney is marvy; 3 episodes of lost--hmmm; 3 of torchwood--oooh; and as i'm writing this, i'm realizing i think i may have missed an ep or two of supernatural--yay.  plus i've knitted a baby hat and scarf.  and i've been re-reading clan of the cave bear (it's been years and years since i read that and had not realized/remembered what a fantasty novel it was) as well as grimm reality (a doctor who novel by a dear friend who shall remain nameless unless she gives me permission to identify her online).  never let it be said that the flu kept me all the way down! 

but the bummer is that i've had to cancel all my fun weekend plans which included: a naked lady clothing party tonight, a haircut tomorrow morning, a baby shower (see aforementioned hat and scarf) tomorrow afternoon, and coffee/tea/doctor who squee with my dear lordshiva on sunday.   

is it kind of nuts that after i watched all doctor who confidential cutdown series 2, i then watched all of david tennant's video diaries?   and talked back to him?  hmmmm.