March 1st, 2008

labyrinth ring


after months of waiting, josh and jenn just called me to tell me that enzo said my name!!!!!!!!  and they put him on speaker phone and he said it again!!!!!  so i got to hear him.  he said my name clear as day!!!!  no nicknames, no wacky mixings up of julia.  just straight julia!!!!  i'm so excited.  my nephew rocks...
labyrinth ring


well i finally just saw 300 and all i can say is holy six pack, batman!

it's been a big media weekend so far--when is it not, you may wonder?  i've been downloading and watching stuff like crazy.  tried to watch there will be blood which i had been dying to see.  sorry ddl, i couldn't make it past the first 15 minutes.  i suppose that makes me a philistine.  i don't normally turn away from movies but just couldn't do that one.  watched gone baby gone.  surprisingly very good casey affleck; very hard subject matter and excellent ed harris.  really enjoyed charlie wilson's war.  found the entire back story to the war very interesting.  and scary.

i just want something light and romantic.  is that so wrong?