March 29th, 2008

birthday surprise

joyeux anniversaire!

to me darling callsigns who is having a birthday on the 31st of this blustery march, i wish the most wonderful day with lots of cake and ice cream and balloons and giggles and kisses from your girl; and i wish you the most wonderful year full of love and happiness and all manner of good things.  and just to prove how much i love you, here's a gift from she and him.  enjoy, bubelah!
labyrinth ring

5 second rule!

i don't usually pimp itunes because i don't like to pay for media; however, the bones podcasts are priceless and free!  i highly recommend them for anyone who'd interested in seeing more booth and bones banter around their counseling sessions.  it's pretty much made of complete win topped with the most delicious awesomesauce.   the only bummer is that it looks like there are only the 5 and they haven't made any since halloween.  who knows? maybe now the strike is over, they'll resume filming them.  i can only hope.