April 2nd, 2008

labyrinth ring

btw imho ymmv

it seems to me that the internet ain't no place to prank for april fools.  i've seen several icky things that were meant to be funny and pull people's legs go horribly awry.   pranks generating comments numbering in the 70s and 100s threatening to leave communities (not only on lj) and saying really mean things about mods.  since there's no tone, no visual cue for people to see to help communicate meaning, as we all know, things get misconstrued way too easily.  and apparently people are just feckin' stupid as well.   i'm just sayin'.   sheesh.  glad that's all over and we can go back to lj wank as usual.
labyrinth ring

man, i love fandom!

so excited that one of my new favorite authors in the bones fandom just finished a really good read called "unwell".  yummy booth taking care of poor sick brennan and risking all at the same time.  ooh, it's just delicious and might make you want to eat chocolate chip pancakes to boot.
lerdo is so good!  she has brennan down to a science (!) and her ust is fraught with, well, ust!  i love her guts!  go and read and love her too!