April 24th, 2008

labyrinth ring


can't get over it.  don't want to.  want awesome barney.  now.  monday is too far away.  baaaarrrnnney!!!!!!! 

oh my god i'm in love with doogie howser.

eta: that my heart is broken because i missed nph on adam carolla this morning.  and i  actually listen to adam carolla in the mornings.  diz-am!
labyrinth ring

trouble oh trouble

i've just spent the last nearly hour trying to download this really awesome mood set from barneyrobin which was designed bykatrina87 and it's not working!!!!  i'm bleary eyed and cross-eyed from staring at the mediafire page and trying to get the link posted at the comm to do more than be an .html download which is supposed to be a .zip file which is supposed to have this awesome mood set in it that i can install and use so that my poor weary eyes will feast on barney everytime i post.  and i cannot do it.  i have tried.  and tried.  and now i am giving up.  and i am sad.  and if i had a really awesome mood set i could pick the one that says tired or frustrated or confused or whatever and it would all be okay. 


maybe i should go to bed.