April 28th, 2008

labyrinth ring

all hail the interwebzzzzz!

just a fly by to say that it is monday night.  and since i am the best auntie in the world, i agreed to babysit enzo while josh and jenn went to see swell season.  yes.  i am that good.  no sweat, i thought, i'll watch himym and find bones online.  then dun dun dun!  since they're moving wednesday, the tv is packed up!!  no cable!! how can you have a babysitter without a tv, i asked myself, crying a little.   but lo and behold.  i return home here at midnight and both shows are in my newsgroup.  i am downloading as i type.  ah life, she is beautiful. 

now i only have to decide between sleep and my shows....if only every decision were this delicious.