May 8th, 2008

labyrinth ring

in which i am a fan

this dream was pretty awesome.  nph had come to my school which was now a television show (go figure) and mostly we just hung out and giggled.  he did put his arm around me and and we whispered about dr horrible's sing-along blog.  and he was sweet and funny and charming just as i knew he'd be and i was just as (intially) awkward and stuttery as i thought i'd be.  but it was an awfully nice dream. 

last night was fun.  i marathoned gossip girl which is just as delightful as you would expect it not to be.  beautiful, privileged children being far more sophisticated than anyone i know, having more sex and more intrigue than anyone i know, in short, being completely more fabulous than anyone i know.  and in better clothes.  oh it's fun! 

and, as fromiftowhen and i decided last night, gossip girl has great brotp.  and since brotp is my kink of choice, i am always happy to see it in other shows.  in fact, i want a story right now.  now i say!  chinesebakery or svilleficrecs or dollsome or any of you fabulous amazing writers, check this out: barney stinson, tim riggins, and chuck bass together in new york.  fromiftowhen and i were talking about it just last night.  so bring it!  and if you haven't watched gossip girl, you probably should.  
labyrinth ring

i think maybe i win "biggest nerd, er, fan ever"!

while i was researching sweeney todd (because that is how i roll, and i just got the pbs concert version from 2001 for the one reason that it stars....wait for it....nph) since i don't know anything about it (the musical) beyond meat pies and barbering, i discovered that nph had done a rifftrax (downloadable vocal tracks done by the guy who invented mst3k) for willie wonka and the chocolate factory.  the old good one with gene wilder not the new mediocre one with johnny depp.  so i bought it.  for only $2.99, i can haz nph making me laugh whenever i want. 

i think this may be nearly the most nerdy, fannish, obsessive thing i've ever done.  but i know i can tell you, dear flist, and you will only nod understandingly because you've done something like that too.  right?  feel free to mention your most fannish, nerdy, obsessive moment so i won't feel so alone. *whimpers*