May 11th, 2008

labyrinth ring

creative satisfaction

i'm not sure if i've posted about my jewelry making before but it's something i've been doing for nearly 10 years.  next weekend, i have a sale coming up in hood river so i've been preparing for it in a big way.  yesterday, i made 10 necklaces and 8 pairs of earrings and it was fabulous!  i love the times when i lose track of time when i'm working.  stephen nachmanovitz calls it flow, that wonderful space we arrive in when the creative juices are flowing and the world fades away for a while.  i was in serious flow yesterday because the day disappeared almost before i knew it.

a couple of weekends ago, i learned a new technique with silver wire called basket weaving which is this really easy thing that looks fantastically complicated.  so i made a pendant of rose quartz with a bright silver woven frame and it looks gorgeous.  i use only sterling or pure silver and semi-precious stones--i started out years ago doing bead stringing but now make really good stuff if i do say so myself.  unfortunately, the switch to stones from beads has left me with 1000s of dollars of seed beads in my huge fishing tackle box storage system.  but i'm thinking about posting it on craigslist...there are always neophytes looking to find extra beads.   anyway,  i'm hoping to get some photos of what i made yesterday, so i can post so you can see what i'm doing.  however, photos mean a camera which i don't own so....but i'll try!  because, oh, the pretty! 

today i'm taking a class on fusing so i'll be able to make my own chain and jump rings and hopefully even some findings.  since the price of silver has never been higher, being able to not pay for the processed stuff may help me to keep my prices relatively reasonable.  i've taken out a page on etsy but haven't used it yet because i'm collecting the photos from brides i've designed for...that's my new big hope to have a bridal design business.

i've definitely sold jewelry before and i've been in a few stores locally, but i've never put any kind of marketing push behind my work so it's generally languished. the thing is that i love doing bridal design.  i've done about 8 weddings now and making something that makes the bride feel like even more of a princess?  that's pretty awesome.  so i'm hoping to make this happen.   anyway, cross your collective fingers for me, flist, i could use the good energy.  you know what they say, if you write it down, it will happen, so i'm writing it down. hey universe, i'd like a bridal design business, m'kay?  thanks.
labyrinth ring

i've got the doctor who connect

listen, you flisters (yes i'm spammy today but for good reason), daygloparker posted this incredible page culling some of the very the best doctor who moments from the first 3 years for people who've never watched but should.   so if you've been curious about the show that ate your own flist or just been wondering why i've been in serious love with both christopher eccleston and david tennant this year, then head on over and settle in for a nice watch.  brew a cup of tea even.  it is youtube heavy so takes a bit to load, but remember patience is a virtue.  and then bow at the marvelousness that is daygloparker.