May 25th, 2008

labyrinth ring

it's aunt's day!*

yes it is.  and because it is, i was taken to breakfast by my brother, sister-in-law, and most precious nephew (without whom i would not be an aunt) and gifted with a certificate for my favorite day spa.   we ate like kings or rather aunts!  josh and i split the eggs benedict and corned beef hash, both of which were perfect.  they use real corned beef and it's cooked in a horseradish mustard sauce so it's really creamy and delicious.  and i had a perfect cup of earl grey tea.  and then enzo fell asleep in the car.  it was a lovely morning. 

currently, i'm lazing in bed (it being aunt's day and all!) having read the rest of forever by judy blume (anyone remember that one?  i hadn't read it since i was 11 so it was fun to go back to it...sort of porn for the young innocent 70s set.  i can't even imagine a 17 year old being as naive as kath is).  then i finished my latest issue of entertainment weekly.  and now i've just arrived in indonesia with elizabeth gilbert in eat, pray, love.  i picked it off jenn's book shelf yesterday when i was babysitting my sleeping nephew.  i was thoroughly prepared to hate it but i'm really enjoying it.  i like this woman and the way she writes, and since i'm fascinated and repelled by spiritual journeys i'm kind of amazed at how touching it is.  i remember having a talk with my brother once about thich nhat hahn, the vietnamese guru, and i wondered why i begin to cry when i pick up his books (i was trying out peace is every step)  and he said it's because it's true.  and when you face the truth sometimes all you can do is cry, it's the body's response to truth.  and i'm having this same experience with her book.  it feels true to me, and the way she writes brings me with her.  and she also had me when she talked about her nephew being her krishna.  this i fully comprehend on a molecular level.

this afternoon, in the portland drear and rain, we are having a bbq at my friend's house which is also going to be a little surprise birthday party for my sis-in-law.  so in a few minutes, i will pry myself out of my incredibly comfortable bed; change out of my "i don't care if it is only 50º and raining i'm wearing it" sundress and into something that won't lend itself to pneumonia; get jenn's earring present together;  pick up a delicious birthday cake, some potato salad, and party down in the drizzle.

i hope everybody is having as  marvelous an aunt's day as i am!

*not a formalized hallmark holiday, yet!