June 15th, 2008

labyrinth ring

austen fest 2008

since it is the first beautiful weekend of the year and since i am on vacation and since i have a cold (!), i am in bed watching first, sense and sensibility, and then emma and then possibly clueless which may be redundant having just watched emma, but i'm sick and i don't care! 

also because my brain is a bit muzzy...does anyone know what happened to annette bening?  i haven't seen her in a while and seeing the columbia pictures logo reminded me of her as it always does, since i think they remodeled columbia on her much as the metropolitan museum of art used christy turlington for their fashion mannequins and catherine deneuve became the face of liberty in france. 

i want chicken soup with matzo balls, spicy beef pho, and more puffs plus, please. 

shutting up now.

eta: that my normally super-reliable newsgroup which gives me the freedom to television as i please has let me down and i cannot get e10 of doctor who yet.  this makes me sad which makes me cry which makes my nose even runnier and redder than before.  all of which i deem indescribably unfair. *pouts*