July 5th, 2008

labyrinth ring

"edward, don't lick max."

everyone said it was horrible but i just watched penelope and thought it was delightful and have totally fallen in love with james mcavoy.  oh boy that man can act--i mean really act. now i have to see everything else he's ever done or i'll feel like i've let myself down. i was kind of shying away from atonement because i loved the book so much and i'm not always happy with those translations but i'll watch it now.  plus catherine o'hara, peter dinklage (anyone see the station agent? one of my favorite movies of all times) and richard grant (whom i've always kinda had the hots for oddly enough).  it's a great cast, beautifully shot (the costumes are great!), a sweet fairy tale with a surprisingly awesome moral.  anyway, if you're looking for fluff with a splash of depth you might really enjoy this.