July 9th, 2008

labyrinth ring

oh, the agony of da-feet!

look at these boots and look at these shoes.  oh and these!  i am in love with these shoes!  the charles david are like sex on a stick.  and they call them "brunch"!  "brunch"   only if it's being served in bed by a scantily-clad daniel craig (that's right, you heard me--you've seen him panther himself out of the ocean, too)......i think sjp would agree that the little camilla ones are perfectly irresponsible.  and the boots.  well, they are knee-high and metallic so you tell me........

but *sigh* what i think i'm going to actually get are these and possibly these because i am living near the town of practical (man, you should see the property taxes and the welcome wagon was a joke) and have very little call for 4" patent leather heels.  fucking-a, i have the wrong life!