July 14th, 2008

labyrinth ring

go back, river, go back!

my nephew is well and truly 2.  this afternoon when i went to pick him up from school, he melted into a puddle of weeping and wailing.  his face was buried in my FEET!  little body kind of curled up around my ankles.  he did not want to leave because all the friends were going out into the playyard and he wanted to go too.  the whole thing was amazing and i barely knew how to react.  but we made it out alive and smiling moments later. oh the winds of change are blown by a 2 year old, of this i am sure!

and then we went to sellwood park where the renegade saints, a band i used to be in love with a million years ago, played, and enzo and i watched boats go by while he conducted the waves coming up on the shore: go back, river, go back! 
labyrinth ring

i'm just a few weeks away from a real audible connection

oh my friends! my friends!  dr horrible's sing-along blog is up!  and it's nph is all his glory.  go and watch part one right away!  part two will be up in a couple of days followed oh so slowly by part three.

for those of you who live out of the us, you'll have to try downloading it from itunes because hulu.com only streams here--stupid internetz.....grrrr.

but it's lovely and makes me miss joss whedon and buffy and i may just go watch the musical (for the 90,000th time) now.   and i kinda just want to find nph's house, camp out on his lawn, make a campfire and roast marshmellows and sing songs with him.  oh wait, that's stalking.  and maybe arson.  ok.  nevermind.

it must be bunnies..............