July 16th, 2008

labyrinth ring

dying a slow fic death

good god people, what's a girl got to do to find fic these days?  i refuse to descend into the pit, and it's no help anyway because you can't look by pairing.  damn it.  i want himym fic (where's all the brotp that i thought would happen post-miracles?) and mi5 fic (ruth and adam if you please), and i never did find any rpf fic with kiefer and mary lynn, and, for all the love that dr horrible's got, someone should be writing that too.  the sg1 fic and the buffy fic is so beautifully easy to find.  good golly, there are websites with freaking novels for them but these other shows....?  where is the fic?  

i'm a voice howling in the wilderness, folks, can't you hear me? waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah..................