July 17th, 2008

labyrinth ring

what a crazy random happenstance!

i just have to twirl and leap about and squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee at the top of my lungs because dr. horrible is dr. awesome!   act two is even better than act one and act three is going to be the clincher.  hmmmmm i wonder if we'll see bad horse.  i do love the singing henchmen (henchcowmen? henchdudes? henchboys?).  anyway, i'm in love with the whole thing.   oh! and i have to thank azuremonkey for my fabulous dr. horrible icon.  she posted them at barneyrobin and they are marvelous

"and sometimes there's a third, even deeper level and that one is the same as the top, surface one.  like with pie."  i have no words..............
labyrinth ring

"the hammer is my penis."

i have to post again mostly because i'm so loving all the glorious squee that's happening around fandom over dr. horrible.  it's so lovely when we sort of all come together and just really love something.  good happy, happy thoughts about sweet, funny, wonderful things.  and i mean how can you not love something written by joss that has a line like that in it?  and nph?  and singing?  oh my goodness.  it's so fabulous.

and it only underscores how much the world needs joss whedon in it.  i just can't imagine industry people seeing the crazy, gleeful response to this and not realizing that he needs to run a show again.  or maybe the world.  yeah.  joss should run the world. 

it also feels like some sort of watershed moment, and maybe that's because i'm so i love with it and think it's bigger than it is.  but it just seems like everything the internet was supposed to do and be, this little musical is.  hyperbole?  you tell me.

eta: happy dances all over for nph's double emmy nod!  and here's some sweet vid of him and a little dr. horrible laughing......aw neil.   how'd you get so adorably hot?   people, people!  friends of mine...look at the suit!!!!!!
labyrinth ring

sands of zanzibar, it's middleman!

ok it's totally adorkable.  i was sold immediately and there's great fic a-happenin' (case in point, svilleficrecs the intermittent kissing solution), but if you don't believe me and you haven't watched the geeky sexiness of it, go check out this picspam that explains in perfect harmony why you should be watching.  thanks to corellianjedi for putting it all so well.

i know i'm not talking about dr. horrible, what up?  i'm not boring you now, that's what up!