July 26th, 2008

labyrinth ring

i know it's gauche

but i love the 2005 version of pride and prejudice, the one with keira knightley (sorry but who better to play in an austen film than someone called knightley?) and matthew macfadyen.  and even though the general gabbery is that it  is awful  and not true to the book (really, some of the stuff on the boards on imdb is like hitler made the film) and, yes, there is a terribly over the top hollywood ending that is just silly, i love it.  i am here in lj-land to proclaim my love.  i watched it twice yesterday: once with commentary, once without.  and i loved it.  it's like watching a gainsborough painting come to life.  the light is gorgeous and the compositions of the scenes are so lovely.  i saw it when it came out in the theater and liked it then too but oh boy now it's love.  i also think that what i'd like for my birthday is to have matthew macfadyen read to me everything by austen then dickens, then perhaps shakespeare oh yes definitely him, and then if we feel like we're running out of material, he can go to  the phone book followed by the bible.  i think then and only then might i have enough of the sound of his voice.   i'm thinking about watching it again today. 

i know it's obsessive but who said i wasn't?

eta: hmmmm i think it's interesting too that the two leads from spooks have done austen--both rupert penry-jones (persuasion) and macfadyen.  so i 'm thinking they should do another romantic film but this time: together.  i'd watch it. of course as i said, i'd watch them read shopping lists so i'm not picky.