July 30th, 2008

labyrinth ring

"oh that ain't rude, that's uppity"

DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  ALAN BALL'S NEW SHOW?  TRUE BLOOD????  YOU ARE GOING TO LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!  IT IS FANTASTIC (and i'm only 8 minutes in)  VAMPIRES ARE REAL AND THEY LIVE AMONG US!!!!!!  OH, THANK HEAVEN FOR ALAN BALL!!!!!!  shit, between him and david simon, you'd think television was an art form.  huh.
labyrinth ring

forgive me, fandom

and i know i'm probably taking my life in my hands here, but i hate twilight.  hate it. i thought, well since it's around and maybe some of my students are reading/will read it, i ought to as well.  and i hate it.  it's ridiculous and vapid and so poorly written and overblown.  and omg if there is one more description of gold eyes and marble skin, i will burn the book.  i will.   ugh.  forgive me if i have sinned against the biggest publishing sensation since harry potter (good christ, jkr is rolling in her not!grave) but this is awful shit.  and the fuck of it is, it's like a trainwreck.  i have to keep reading it til it's done because i have to see how much more awful it will get.  seriously, worst romance novel i ever read times a million = twilight.