August 5th, 2008

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generation kill help

since not all of you were in hackthis's generation kill fic conversation yesterday in which she was desirous of vocab help for the show, i thought i'd post (or re-post because i think i may have found this at svilleficrecs's page) this lovely link which has a huge glossary of military terms for the show.  reading this and using subtitles enriched my viewing hundredfold.  have at it, maties!
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help a sister out?

oh you guys!  the file i have for last night's episode of middleman is corrupt and it's the only one i can find!!!!!!!  anybody got some help for me?   share the love, please, you know you want to............*begs prettily from greenland*
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holy crap!

as if i don't spend enough time mesmerized by my computer screen and my darling flist, i have just delved into the rss feeds that lj makes possible (getting on the boat a little late i guess).  i think i just added a ridiculous number (maybe 20?) of feeds to my flist which, while right now seems like a fun and entertaining pasttime, i can imagine will become a juggernaut of internet brain fry.  but i do love the idea that many of the blogs i enjoy to read can be loaded on my flist so i don't have to find 'em (er, hence the rss factor).  makes my life easier, i guess.  easier and more isolated.......yay, interwebz!