August 6th, 2008

labyrinth ring

wire in the blood: serial (killers) for breakfast!

so the latest thing i'm loving from the beeb is wire in the blood.  having discovered hermione norris on spooks and then netflixing (yes, it is a verb) for spooks-related stuff (oh, all right!!  i was looking for anything with matthew macfadyen or rupert penry-jones, you got me! which is how i discovered robson green.  btw, you want early rupert?  try the student prince which is beyond silly but has plenty of delicious british men), i found this show.  and it's awesome.  robson green may be the sexiest psychologist in tv history (and he's really, really good in this role).  and though the description i once read of norris as an ugly man in drag still sticks with me, they have tremendous chemistry.  it's verging on insanely hot actually.  plus the stories are good and they keep me guessing which is nice.

someone on my flist was talking about this a couple of months ago, and i definitely had a "huh? what's that?" moment reading the journal.....who was it?  because now you can be happy 'cause i?  totally.  get.  it.