August 10th, 2008

labyrinth ring

in which the beeb does me right yet again

omg you guys!!!! watch hustle!!! it is so fantastic. the writing, the stories, the acting! the music--is fab! it's kinda royksopp-y and very cool and funky with great use of all kinds of fun instruments like harpsichords and flutes. the style of the show is so hip and swingy. i love it! they do a sweet job of occasionally breaking the 4th wall but it's not overblown and always makes me feel part of the show rather than turning me off and reinstating my disbelief. the casting is impeccable. seriously, they are awesome to watch: marc warren (you know him as elton pope from doctor who's love and monsters), robert glenister (yes he's phillip's brother. boy, does talent run in that family), jamie murray (who was creepy lila on dexter) and robert vaughn (what can you say about robert vaughn? he's just the top). adrian lester who plays the inside man, mickey bricks, is fabulous as well and i'm so happy to have discovered him. this show!!! they do a great job of drawing you into the con and letting you see exactly what you need to see so the reveal is pretty much consistently surprising. even when you think you have it figured out, they getcha! and the show does a lovely job of showcasing london which i find immensely satisfying--i love seeing the gherkin reflecting the london sky. it is a terrific sight. anyway, run to your netflix queue or however you obtain your entertainment these days and get hustled! you won't regret a moment.

i searched for a good clip to show you how much you should be watching this show but many of the available vids are embedding disabled. this one is pretty nice though and essentially spoiler free. enjoy!!

labyrinth ring

in which i get to be a rockstar again......

a few of you know that for years i was a rock singer here in portland.  my brother and i started playing in bands together when he was in high school and i was in college, and we continued on through our 20s til a brief stint at berklee college in boston put paid to our dreams (i dropped out after about a month).  a few years and a lot of soulsearching later, we started playing again (calling ourselves sweet deek (yeah, i don't like it either) you can listen to a couple of tunes at this link) only to have nephews and new businesses stop the rock.  so i've been essentially music-free for a year and a half (again).  well, no longer!   i put a band together (my first one on my own) from a couple of guys i work with and we had our first practice today.  and it was pretty freakin' cool.  it was great to sing again and really cool that the guys were so appreciative of my voice.  it was a lot of fun and we got through about 5 songs which felt pretty impressive.  and we have practice again on tuesday!  rock on!
labyrinth ring

nuthin' homoerotic here....

yes, i have watched both high school musical and high school musical 2. please don't lose respect for me. they're ridiculous but also kind of adorable. sigh. damn you, disney corporation! damn you and your wily ways.